Meet our Team Members

Brody Leger


Hey everyone, my name is Brody and i’m the director of ROBYN. I’m grateful to have this opportunity to share this story with everyone as well as work on this documentary. I’m incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing crew to help tell this story and i’m super excited to show everyone all the hard work we’ve been putting into it! I cant wait to share more!

Andrew Harrington

Sound Editor

Hey, I’m Andrew and I’m the sound editor. I’m super excited to help tell such a great story!

Iain Nicholson

Location Sound

Hi, I'm Iain and I'm the sound recordist on Robyn! Huge shoutout to Brody for being an awesome director! I'm looking forward to showing everyone our amazing work!

Weldon Hovey


Hey everyone, my name is Weldon Hovey and I'm the producer of ROBYN. I'm so excited to be a part of such a talented team. We've all been working very hard to tell this personal story so stay tuned for more to come!

Evan Thomas

Director of Photography

Hey I’m Evan and I’m the director of photography on ROBYN! I’m excited for everyone to see the story that our talented team has brought to life, especially with the miniatures!

Lyla Awan

Production Design

Hello, I’m Lyla and I’m production design on Robyn. It was so fun to help create miniatures for this documentary and I can’t wait for everyone to see this story come to life.

Kyleigh Brooks


I’m Transmedia and BTS so I’m in charge of our social media pages. I edit photos, do some photoshop work, create engagement online, make consistent Instagram and Facebook posts and stories! I also take photos on set to use as Behind the scenes pictures .

Kaitlin Manalili

Picture Editor

Hi, I’m Kaitlin and I am the editor of Robyn. I’m very happy to be a part of this project and to help tell this story

David DaCosta


Hi guys, I'm David, the composer on Robyn. Stoked to be part of the team bringing this touching story to the screen. Cheers!

Emma Beatty

UI/UX Designer

Hi everyone I'm the UI/UX designer of Robyn. I'm excited to be a part of this amazing film and get to help tell the story of Robyn!